Indicot -Sang e Mur Mur Latha


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Length: 4.5 Meter

Width : 54 Inches

Made by Indicot Brand

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Fabric : Sang e Mur Mur Latha


Indicot -Sang e Mur Mur Latha

Latha is our age-old dress code. To add to its class and hand feel, we have handpicked the right yarns and processed them in a manner to get the brightest and most elegant product.

Care instructions
  1. Pre-Shrink Indicot Fabrics in a separate bath. Avoid washing Pasha Fabrics along with any other fabrics to save them from the harsh effects of the chemicals used by other manufacturers. Indicot colored and white should also be treated separately.
  2. Avoid Leko Finished Lining (Bukram) for Cuffs & Collar etc., in tailoring.
  3. Use lukewarm water and mild detergent (Bleach free).
  4. Dry Coloured fabrics away from direct sunlight.
  5. Water temperature should not exceed 60° C. Garment may be machine laundered only on the setting designed for gentle agitation and/or reduced time for delicate items.
  6. Do not Bleach Coloured Fabrics.
  7. A spinner or machine dryer may be regularly used at a High Heat setting.
  8. Dry cleaning is not required for Cotton Fabrics.
  9. Regular ironing may be performed at a High setting. Use light starch to enjoy the real comfort of wearing.


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Peshawari Chappal
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Peshawari Chappal PC-24
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Dark blue, Logan, Black, White


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