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OQAAB is committed to give fashion a new twist by tapping the rich heritage. The ideation that drives. OQAAB into the market is the confluence of creativity, consumer-care and the quest to lead social service.The likeness of handcrafts can be felt in every shape of their Peshawari sandals .Check out our famous Norozi Chappal

OQAAB is not only about marketing new shoes but it is poised to lead a new vista of consumer care. The decisions we finalize and the actions we take treat the satisfaction of customer-base, financial progress and social service on priority basis in a simultaneous manner.We should promise them a premium experience. We have set goals to enhance the local creativity that will bring luxury and timeless elegance to local handcrafts like Peshawari sandals.

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Serving as a gateway to reliability, perfection, and trustworthiness are fundamentals that have shaped Oqaab. The uncertainty that confronts you, is not meant for getting down rather it is like a challenge that questions your personality for keeping your journey continuous. We believe that the best of personality can come out not by the horn that your car bells but by the choice of your footwear.Check out our famous Norozi Chappal

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